Jan. 7th, 2006

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Charles Kennedy is to make statement at 3 o'clock. If he doesn't announce that he's standing down, I'll be amazed. He can't seriously continue as leader anymore.

It's interesting that this seems to be more interesting than the consevative leadership election. It's mainly because there's actual blood this time, instead of a fairly friendly affair where neither man really wanted to insult the other, just to make sure their job was safe if they lost. The knives are out Charles, and that's what we all love politics for. He's discovered that no matter how well you do, you're never far from the scrapheap.

Kennedy has done well, bringing the party to the threshold of being a genuine contender in parliamentry elections, but he can't take them any further. If he's sensible, he'll take the 'for the good of the party route' and stand down, seeming noble and dignified. That would also give him chance to influence that party's next choice of leader.

It's sad to him forced out, but that is the nature of politics. At the fist sign of weakness, the rest of the pack will eat you alive.

Strangely, the closest parallel to this at the moment is Arsene Wenger's situation at Arsenal. There can be no denying how successful he's been, but there seems to be an air of resignation about the fact that he's peaked, and the team are going nowhere fast. The odds on Wenger still being manager when Arsenal move into their new stadium at Ashburton Grove next season look increasingly bleak. Indeed, he looks about one more defeat away from a very ignoble exit.

The greatest skill in public life seems to be knowing when to quit. Thatcher saw the writing on the wall and jumped before she could be pushed. Nixon eventually took the plunge and managed to avoid being completely disgraced. The legacies left behind remained relatively intact, simply because they were never defeated. They both appeared strong, simply because it was their choices to go.

So, goodbye Mr Kennedy. We could, however, see a much stronger Liberal Democrats emerge from this. If they can muster a leader who has an actual policy, unlike the curiously empty David Cameron, they sould finally make the leap.

>>>Regular whining about life and commentry on comics to return at some later date.<<<
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Now for comics. I've been reading more, and now offer my considered opinion on recent offerings. I don't expect to actually effect peoples reading habits, but I'm bored.

Infinite Crisis: We're up to issue three, and interesting things are finally starting to happen. I'm entirely convinced that we've needed three issues to reach this point, to be honest. There are things that seem almost completely irrelevent that serve only to promote other books, which are obscuring the main story. That and the chances of Ted Kord returning as the Blue Beetle being killed off, I shouldn't be enjoying this anywhere near as much. It looks like it's going to give the DCU a kick up the arse, which can only be a good thing.

X-Factor: An X book that appears to actually have a plot that isn't being made up as it goes along! TO be fair, things have been better in the X universe on the whole since Morrison's New X-Men, but this is the first book since then to really grab me. Building out of the excellent MADROX series, it seems to be the only book to actually be using the Decimation concept to it's benefit, and to actually have characters that are doing something about it. It could still go horrifically wrong, but for now it's one to watch.

X-Men: Deadly Genesis: An interesting book. Ed Brubaker isn't somebody I would have thought of as an X-Men writer, but he's turning in a solid story that may actually live up to it's 'event' billing. Things are advncing nicely, and Trevor Hairsine appears to have learnt how to draw since his days on Cla$$war, so it's nice to look at as well. Probably the best thing about the books at the moment though are the backing stories. I'm curious to see how those progress. On the evidence of this, I'm hoping the rumours about Brubaker taking over as writer on Uncanny X-Men are true.

Off to watch Charles Kennedy now.
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And Charles Kennedy has bowed out. His speech is good enough to allow him to retain his dignity, and to give him a chance to influence the future direction of the party.

Now watch as the candidates come out of the woodwork...

The first great poltical story of 2006 has arrived. It could be a good year.
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Gah. There's talk of a drawn out election now. Did they not watch the apathy the Tory election generated? Thay need to get the debates going while the media is still interested. All publicity is good.

And I now want Lembit Opik to be leader, simply because of his glorious name.

EDIT: Sadly, Opik has ruled himself out.


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