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Oct. 1st, 2006 01:19 pm
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Livejournal has redesigned itself in my absence. How exciting.

I haven't posted o here in months, and I haven't read anybody's journal in that time either. It's not because I find you all terribly unintereting bastards, it's just because I'm bored of the internet. I end up doing the same five or six things, then falling into a coma. I haven't got the patience for forums anymore.

(The lack of internet connection has also helped - as did the untimely death of Jenny's hard drive. We now have a) wireless and b) a new hard drive, which was bought second hand and not wiped, so it came with about five gigs of porn on it. That ought to help save on bandwith.)

Since last posting, I have moved to Streatham, been revealed to be a god amongst men at work and been made to feel terribly old by going to Reading. In short, I've started turning into an old man at the ge of 27. I no longer want to go out and take lots of drugs; I want to sit a home and watch other peple do it on TV.

The most noteworthy event recently was the weding of the esteemed Mr Alistair I-have-too-many-names-Pulling. A fine time was had by all, but it still scares me that he's settled down.

So, see you all in about six months time or so then.

PS. It's bloody pising down at the moment. I'm supposed to go and buy comics and zombie games and the like in a bit...
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