Feb. 22nd, 2007

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I just thought I'd actually post on here, since today's my birthday. I'm the grand old age of 28 now. I've been legal to drink for a decade. Bloody hell.

Typically, I'm ill and not really in any fit state to go the pub. Well, I say ill, but in truth, nobody actually seems to know what's actually wrong with me. I developed a tremor in my right arm, which led to it locking up and not moving at all for about a week. It's moving again, but I still have the tremor, which has spread to my right leg and cheek at times, and I can't always walk properly. (Then there's the double vision I seem to be getting...)

All good fun. I'm off to the neurologist on Monday so they can see if I have a brain or something. Given my hatred of hospitals, this should be fun.

The other doctors are not sure what it is at the moment, hence the trip to hospital. They don't seem to think it's anything serious though. Which is nice and comforting. At least until my head falls off or something.

I'm off to look at pictures of robots and play with the dinosaurs I got from Jenny to celebrate my aging.


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